About Us

All That Jazz Academy of Dance, formerly known as Toornburg School of Dance, was established in 1993. When Connie and Cindy Toornburg decided to retire, Regina Lednicky Nix purchased the studio after having been their student for seventeen years (as well as teaching for eight).

ATJ offers a high-quality, extensive dance education from ages 2-adult in a wide variety of styles, including: Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, Pointe, Musical Theatre, and Hip Hop. We perform at many local events throughout the year, as well as taking our award-winning Company dancers to competitions every spring. We also offer Zumba & Aerobics (during summer sessions), as well as Pilates.

ATJ educates dancers from all parts of the Greater Waco area, and is conveniently located close to I-35 in Hewitt. We are budget-friendly and hold classes from Monday to Thursday of each week.


For Full List of Announcements, Please Pick Up Newsletter At The Studio!

NOTICE: ATJ is currently CLOSED due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Hello All That Jazz Dancers and Families!! Hope everyone is doing well in all this craziness. I hope to be back to classes April 6. Starbound is going to reschedule San Antonio. Houston has been rescheduled to May 29-31. If the new date does not work we will do this one. Recital pictures have been moved up to Sat May 9 due to a wedding reschedule. Disney is still a go for July. Please get your balances in by April 20th so everyone can get their fast passes done. Air and transfers are paid in full, waiting on balances to pay for tickets and meals certificates and hotel. This next week I am going to try to do a virtual rehearsal with each company on either Zoom or Google Meet. I will send the info. I am going to list classes and YouTube links for workouts and class dances for you to practice at home. Have faith, we will get back to normal soon. I miss all of my dancers so much!!!
Here are the links I have so far:

Monday 4pm ballet-https://youtu.be/NJoZMl5FfLU
Monday 4:30 tap-https://youtu.be/swAvSBPY5AA
Monday 5pm jazz-https://youtu.be/TKoFEQSYOM4
Monday 5:30 ballet-https://youtu.be/tNJSPS6GmTc
Monday 6:15 jazz-https://youtu.be/bj4UocikbJI
Monday 7pm tap-https://youtu.be/9HJtNX_xUdQ
Monday hip hop-https://youtu.be/y4dmwgSTjp8
Tues Pre co tap-https://youtu.be/kyOGNxUGHaA
Wed tots 4:30&5:30 ballet-https://youtu.be/uFEqAQrkIFk
Wed tots tap 4:30&5:30 tap and 4:30 dance-https://youtu.be/qsMhSFPAWv0
Wed 5:30 dance-https://youtu.be/5GpFZIj3Py8
Ladies Jazz Cool-https://youtu.be/0DEcrxF9-II
Ladies Jazz One-https://youtu.be/c3QdNRsahZM
Ladies Tap Officer Krumpkee-https://youtu.be/nlWsxfSHn-8
Ladies Tap Real Gone-https://youtu.be/zeplxfTuTbs
Thurs 5:30 Tap-https://youtu.be/Uhl0YXjbVBM
Thurs 6 Ballet-https://youtu.be/LoRvJglqyQg
Thurs 6:30 Jazz-https://youtu.be/mVchNyy3P48
Dance Companies workout-https://youtu.be/XdnBo4JaapA
Thurs Hip Hop- https://youtu.be/t2mpdFIW_bY
Dance Companies Ballet Barre-https://youtu.be/u3Bwtsj-SLs

If you have any questions please call, text or email me. Let's Do It To It Dancers!!!

Ballet Barre - Companies, Pre-Co, Ladies

Ballet barre workout for older classes.